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Pressure valves and regulators

Custom solutions just for you

We supply 100% assembled and tested products, finished with a treatment of your choice: sandblasting, brushing, chrome plating, nickel plating, PVD coatings

Pressure equipment

For over 40 years, first as Vitaldado and then as Lavorazioni Industriali, we have specialised in the supply of pressure products, creating individual lots of custom parts as well as complete and tested sets. We offer a 100% finished product that is made from moulded or bar details, assembled and finished with chrome and laser markings and 100% tested in-house.

Furthermore, if required by the customer, Lavind undertakes to follow the certification and conformity assessment procedures as Personal Protection Equipment according to EU norms in connection with the Certification Body.

Complete products

All our valves for diving cylinders are CE certified according to Regulation 2016/425/EU and Norm EN250, and also PED certified according to directive 2014/68/EU.
Valves for diving cylinders either 232 bar and 300 bar in the Mono-attach, Double-attach, Double-tank versions with or without central isolator;
Pressure regulators (second stages), with one or two exhaust valves, also in Octopus version;

Valves for diving cylinders use CE certified NITROX according to EN 144-3;

Specific accessories and fittings;
Pressure regulators (first stages) with the possibility of ISO 12209 connections (Yoke - DIN 232 - DIN 300), in unbalanced piston, adjustable balanced piston, and adjustable balanced diaphragm versions;

Custom products

Pressure regulators and valves, depending on the required dimensions, can be created from bars or moulded and studied according to customer requirements. The products made are then finished off by traditional treatments such as sandblasting, polishing, chromium plating, nickel-plating or innovative ones such as PVD, ceramic coatings, etc.

Diving and much more...

The diving sector is one of our main markets for the supply of pressure products. In the last few years we have created 1st and 2nd stages, fittings for cylinders, valves and different accessories for internationally renowned brands.
In 2018, our fittings were used in the equipment of the Maritime Police of the European Parliament as part of an important mission on the management of migratory flows. "It makes us very proud to know that our products are also used for good causes!"

But our productions go far beyond the diving sector, addressing different markets, from aeronautics to the individual protection systems.

Cylinder maintenance,
fittings and regulators

"Always carry out adequate maintenance on your equipment!"
Neglecting equipment maintenance can cause serious damage to it and your lungs.
  • It is vital to carefully check all the components after each dive;
  • If there are scratches or dents on the outer surface of the cylinders, which have led to the paint coming off, it is necessary to carry out a retouch with an anti-rust paint in order to avoid corrosion;
  • it is recommended to carry out a thorough external and internal inspection every 100 refills for the cylinders and every year for the regulators, regardless of the number of dives, in order to identify the initial signs of corrosion and to act beforehand.

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Project P200

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 876347


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