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Made-to-order products

Whatever the Customer imagines Lavorazioni Industriali can create by making their ideas become a reality.

Lavorazioni Industriali can produce

Custom products

Lavorazioni Industriali is specialised in the production of special items, which are not part of the catalogue but custom made.

Our specialists offer their experience and expertise to meet your every need and turn your designs into bespoke products.

They will accompany you throughout the production phase from the development of the project to the creation of the prototype, providing you with continuous assistance and indicating the best solutions.

To monitor the entire production process we have installed an information system that regulates all the operational phases.

For each customer order the various departments are activated and the inventory management is controlled right from the warehouse to the shipment of the finished product.

Machine list

In order to offer to our customers a range of high quality and highly differentiated products, we are equipped with a well-stocked and new machines, divided into the two workshops.


  • 9 Tornio plurimandrino Gildemeister 6/20-25

  • 4 Tornio plurimandrino Mory Say 6/25 -6/26

  • 1 Tornio plurimandrino Mory Say 6/42

  • 2 Tornio plurimandrino Mory Say 8/42

  • 2 Macchina di selezione 100% a tavola rotante con telecamere


  • 8 Tornio CNC bimandrino 42-50-65 mm

  • 3 Tornio CNC monomandrino 42mm

  • 2 Tornio CNC a fantina mobile monomandrino 32mm

  • 3 Tornio CNC a fantina mobile bimandrino 32-38-42mm

  • 1 Tornio plurimandrino a camme 42mm

  • 2 Tornio a fantina mobile a camme 16mm

  • 2 Tornio CNC a fantina mobile Gildemeister 20mm
  • 1 Tornio CNC a fantina mobile Gildemeister 25mm
  • 1 Tornio CNC a fantina mobile Hanwha 26mm

Who we are aimed at

mechanical components

scuba diving







Some of our creations

Do you need specific products?

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Project P200

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 876347


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