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New P200 second stage

The second stage is the final part of the regulator whose task it is to lower the gas pressure by adapting it to the ambient pressure. In this way, each time the diver inhales, air will be delivered at the same ambient pressure as the current depth they are at.


Lavorazioni Industriali S.p.A. after accurate development in the laboratory, combined with numerous tests at sea and in the breathing machine, has produced a new second stage designed with a brand new durable balanced system, which guarantees minimal breathing-in effort thanks to a carefully calibrated Venturi effect, a very gentle exhalation and a semi-rigid tee that conveys the air to the sides of the mask.

The regulator, made with materials that have undergone extensive testing in marine environments even at low temperatures, is available, depending on the customer's needs, with a front cover locking ring in coloured plastic materials or in anodised aluminium alloy in different colours.

2nd stage.

2nd stage.

2nd stage.

2nd stage. Evolution of the valves

Cylinder maintenance,
fittings and regulators

"Always carry out adequate maintenance on your equipment!"
Neglecting equipment maintenance can cause serious damage to it and your lungs.
  • It is vital to carefully check all the components after each dive;
  • If there are scratches or dents on the outer surface of the cylinders, which have led to the paint coming off, it is necessary to carry out a retouch with an anti-rust paint in order to avoid corrosion;
  • it is recommended to carry out a thorough external and internal inspection every 100 refills for the cylinders and every year for the regulators, regardless of the number of dives, in order to identify the initial signs of corrosion and to act beforehand.

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Project P200

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 876347


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