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Integrated Solutions

Warehouse Management

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100% selection, Warehouse, Inventory analysis, Packaging, Laser marking.
Thanks to many years of experience, Lavorazioni Industriali is able to offer logistics management services that use the following procurement techniques:


Just in time

Consignment Stock


The organisation of the warehouse in departments: quality control, sorting, packaging, picking areas and storage of whole pallets, etc .. ensures flexibility and optimal time management.

It is managed entirely by software that guarantees the optimisation of procedures regarding handling, traceability and sale of products.


Thanks to the Assembly and Packaging departments we are able to supply more or less complex sets of pieces and kits in dedicated packages.

These kits and packages, depending on customer requirements, can be customised using different colour tones or inserting labels with specific codes.

Quality control

Each product at Lavorazioni Industriali is always checked and tested. We are equipped with sorting, optical and laser machines which guarantee, after each production cycle, that the products created match the standards required by the customer.

Our sorting machines are able to identify and reject all the defective or deformed bodies checked, thus guaranteeing a percentage of waste lower than a fixed Parts Per Million value.

Inventory analysis

Maximum attention to the purchases of materials in stock, with logics of reordering lots, scheduled purchases over time, purchases to budget, etc.

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Project P200

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 876347


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